Development and Discussion of the Thesis Project

Name: Development and Discussion of the Thesis Project
Code: GES9795D
Duration: 15 weeks/780 hours
Scientific Area: Management

Teaching languages: Portuguese
Languages of tutoring support: Portuguese, English
Regime de Frequência: Presencial


This curricular unit aims to develop, by the Student, the thesis project according to the quality parameters imposed on the research projects financed by FCT.

Sustainable Development Goals

Learning Goals

The objective in this curricular unit is that the student prepares a thesis project consistent with the quality parameters imposed to research project evaluated by FCT (the Portuguese Science Foundation). Taking into account the theme of the thesis the PhD Program Director selects a panel of 3 Faculty members to evaluate the project and contribute with their comments and suggestions to improve the quality of the project.


This item is not relevant for this curricular unit. However, it is important to mention that students follow a guide in the preparation of the thesis project that is inspired by the forms used in the FCT PhD grant applications. The form imposes word limits in each of the fields and forces the student to be very succinct and direct. The fields are as follows:
Abstract (max. 150 words) Literature review (max. 500 words) Objectives (max. 300 words); Detailed description (max. 1000 words) and References (maximum 30). The guide also draws attention to the fact that the literature review should be a critical review and that the detailed description should indicate the contributions of project to the literature, the methodologies used and the expected results of the project.

Teaching Methods

In this CU each student works with her/his supervisor or supervisors in order to be able to develop his/her thesis project. Each supervisor monitors the student in a tutorial regime. A first draft, already approved by the supervisor is sent in digital format for the PH.D program commission. Depending on the topic of the thesis, the commission chooses three faculty members (including the advisor) to review the thesis project, making suggestions for improvement and comments. If the revised project is approved by the members of the panel, the student obtains a Pass grade in the CU and the project is then sent for registration in academic services. The classification in the CU is only Pass / Fail

Recommended Reading

This item is not relevant for this curricular unit. Each student will have his/her own bibliography

Teaching Staff