Physiology and Exercise Prescription for the Elderly

Name: Physiology and Exercise Prescription for the Elderly
Code: DES10231M
Duration: 15 weeks/78 hours
Scientific Area: Human Kinetics

Teaching languages: Portuguese
Languages of tutoring support: Portuguese, English
Regime de Frequência: Presencial

Sustainable Development Goals

Learning Goals

At the end of UC students must:
- know the main bio-psycho-social effects of aging
- identify the key components of functional fitness and realize its importance in maintaining the autonomy and independence of the elderly
- understand the physiological effects of aging and its implications for exercise prescription
- apply functional assessment protocols and use that information in developing individual programs of exercise
- keep up the effects of intervention programs no only to the level of physiological variables, but also perceptual-cognitive variables.


1. Introduction to physiology in the elderly
1.1. Introduction conceptual
1.2. Description of metabolic and hormonal characteristics in elderly populations
1.3. Implications of the characteristics of the elderly in the physiology of effort.
1.4. Changes of health prevalent in the elderly: indications and contraindications
1.5. Physical fitness and aging
2. Specific psychosocial and cultural aspects
3. Some specific features of the prescription of physical exercise in elderly subjects
3.1. Exercise and age
3.2. Specific implications for labor
4. Exercise and cognitive functioning in aging

Teaching Methods

Theoretical and practical lessons integrate the course. Lectures are plenary and based on scientific knowledge, seeking to enhance research capacity of the students but also their creativity and critical judgments.

In the practical classes various activities will be carried out for the application of theoretical concepts of the course, which will result on the definition of working methods with the target population. The practical classes will also be an opportunity to encourage the use of research methods.

It will be important to work through Moodle (lessons, various texts, PowerPoint presentations, websites, etc.). One of the main objectives of the platform moodle is to encourage interaction among participants.

There will be a schedule to meet with the students.

Student work will be guided by specific objectives to be achieved in different contents.

The evaluation will be implemented through work and / or examinations.

Teaching Staff