Training Methods and Short and Long-term Effects

Name: Training Methods and Short and Long-term Effects
Code: DES10225M
Duration: 15 weeks/78 hours
Scientific Area: Human Kinetics

Teaching languages: Portuguese, English
Languages of tutoring support: Portuguese, English, Spanish
Regime de Frequência: Presencial

Sustainable Development Goals

Learning Goals

- Conceptualising Sports Training as a dimension of Sport Sciences;
- Clarify and characterize the concepts of sports training, sports preparation, sports performance, training methodology;
- Mastering the biological laws of adaptation, methodological principles and pedagogical principles of Sports Training;
- Understanding the mechanisms of dynamic load-adaptation;
- Set-conceptually, each of the factors of income, within the framework of different motor skills;
- Know and apply the main tools and evaluation tests of motor skills;
- Master the structural components of the training load, operationalizing sessions for specific motor skills;
- Mastering the means and methods of training;
- Know-conceptually different models of periodization of Sports Training, selecting the most appropriate in the specific characteristics of the context of provision.


1. Definition of training method
1.1. Components of training
1.2. Characteristics of training load
2. Cardiovascular training
3. Velocity training
4. Strength training
5. Training flexibility

Teaching Methods

The unit is organized in lectures and tutorials according to the regulation of the University of Évora. Lectures are plenary and based on the scientific method, emphasizing the search for information, the interpretation of experimental results and a critical and scientific rigor in students.

Despite the work attendance is essential to success in the course, relevance will be also given to working at distance. This will be done primarily through the provision of resources in Moodle (lessons, various texts, PowerPoint presentations, websites, etc.). Student work will be guided by specific objectives to be achieved in different contents.

The evaluation includes the realization of a frequency or a final exam.

Teaching Staff