Name: Nutrition
Code: DES10222M
Duration: 15 weeks/78 hours
Scientific Area: Human Kinetics

Teaching languages: Portuguese, English
Languages of tutoring support: Portuguese, English, Spanish
Regime de Frequência: Presencial

Sustainable Development Goals

Learning Goals

1) Understand how food can positively or negatively affect health;
2) Understand the importance of various nutrients in energy metabolism and influence on health.
3) Knowing the nutrient content in food
4) Understanding the influence of food in nutritional diseases
5) Know how to use instruments for assessing dietary intake and nutritional status

With all, it is intended that students develop skills in relation to the knowledge of proper nutrition to different populations with malnutrition, obesity, type 2 diabetes, anorexia, bulimia, and using methods of assessing dietary intake and nutritional status in order to detect erroneous eating habits and change behaviors.


1. Food, nutrition and health
1.1. Basics of healthy eating

2. Nutritional diseases
2.1. Anorexia
2.2. Bulimia
2.3. Anemia (athlete)

3. Methodologies and tools for assessment of food intake and nutritional status

4. Specific needs at different stages of life

5. Nutrition and physical activity

6. Food and pathological states
6.1. Obesity
6.2. Dyslipidemia
6.3. Diabetes

7. hypertension

Teaching Methods

The teaching methods will be the beams of lessons and classroom work and also work at a distance:
- Work in person: the theoretical and practical skills will be acquired in the classroom. The evaluation will be with done with an exam and the evaluation of practical work in person.
- Work at distance: based on the introduction of the fundamental theoretical concepts through resources available in Moodle (lessons, various texts, PowerPoint presentations, websites, etc.). The evaluation will be guided by specific objectives to be achieved in different contents.