Exam Special Regimes


The working student regime may apply if he is in one of the following situations:

  • Be an employee, regardless of employment, in the service of a public or private entity;
  • Be self-employed;
  • Attends professional training course or an official program for the temporary occupation of young people lasting six months or more.


The recognition of the right to an exam special regime depends on the student's annual request, and the request must be made online in the Student profile, at SIIUE.

The working student must contact the CU professor within 15 days after obtaining the respective special regime.


The working student must attach to the SIIUE application the proof of his/her status as a worker in one of the following ways:

  • Declaration of the employer, updated, signed and duly authenticated with a recognized stamp or signature. In the case of a private employer, the Social Security beneficiary number must be included in the declaration or a copy of the document proving that number must be provided;
  • Declaration of the beginning of the activity in the Finance Department, in the case of self-employed, accompanied by a document proving the monthly discounts for Social Security, or a declaration proving exemption;
  • Declaration by the entity that promotes and teaches the professional training course or official program for the temporary occupation of young people, signed and duly updated with a recognized stamp or signature, indicating the start date and duration of the course, as well as the accreditation of the entity who teaches the formation;
  • In case of unemployment, the student must deliver to the SAC the document proving the registration at the Employment Center, within a period not exceeding 30 days after the occurrence of the situation.

The request for the attribution of the status will be rejected if the aforementioned documentation is not attached to the request in SIIUE.



Upon registration or within the deadlines defined in the Academic Procedures Calendar  or within 30 days after the deadline in which the conditions stipulated for this regime occur.


The working student is not subject to:

• The frequency of a minimum number of curricular units;

• Attendance of a minimum number of classes per UC;

• The prescription regime.

-In CUs with a typology of theoretical-practical or practical and laboratory classes, of mandatory frequency and in which these are essential for the learning and evaluation process, appropriate conditions for monitoring those activities should be ensured, whenever possible, or, alternatively, the implementation of other teaching-learning and assessment modalities. The student worker must prove to the teacher that he is not authorized by the employer, or by the entity that teaches the course, for the frequency of sessions with these characteristics.

-Enroll, in the special season, in three CUs, under the terms of this regulation and within the deadlines defined in the Academic Procedures Calendar.


The student who voluntarily ceases the activity must inform UÉ within 30 days of the occurrence.