Renewable Energies Chair

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Cátedra Energias Renováveis - Universidade de Évora
Pólo da Mitra da Universidade de Évora
Edifício Ário Lobo de Azevedo

7000-083 Nossa Senhora de Tourega


Set up in 2010, the Renewable Energies Chair of the University of Évora (CER-UÉ) aims at developing solar power technology solutions and applications for the decarbonisation of different sectors of the economy: industry and agriculture, electricity generation, transports, and communities. Being substantially involved in the field of solar concentration, CER-UÉ leads the INIESC - National Research Infrastructure for Concentrating Solar Power which, together with LNEG - Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia I.P., aims at the use and development of concentrating solar power technologies and energy/power storage to enhance the contribution of solar energy for energy transition.