High Performance Computing Chair (HPC)

The High Performance Computing(HPC) Chair presents itself as a research and development (R&D) infrastructure dedicated to high-performance computing that seeks to keep up with the evolution towards the digital transition, enabling a more efficient approach to national and European strategies for digital innovation for academia, industry and other public/private organisations.

This new research infrastructure, in partnership with the universities of Algarve, Nova de Lisboa and Porto, has as its main goal to promote professional training between academia and industry, boosting the development and adoption of HPC, HPDA (High Performance Data Analytics) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) by the different stakeholders in the region and at national and international levels. At the same time, it enhances the use of advanced local computing infrastructures managed by the HPC-UÉ Center, such as the OBLIVION supercomputer.

Main Activities



Alfredo Jorge Palace Carvalho (Assistant Professor)
Carla Ferreira de Castro (Assistant Professor)
Jaime Manuel Moleiro Serra (Assistant Professor)
João Valente Nabais (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Luís Lopes (Assistant Professor)
Miguel Avillez (Research Full Professor)
Paulo Quaresma (Full Professor)
Vanda Maria Marques Rebelo (Coordenador de 3º grau) [Secretariat]


  • Artur Romão (DECSIS Information Systems, S.A.; Big Data, Artificial Intelligence)
  • David Mendes (Instituto Politécnico de Santarém; Artificial Intelligence)
  • Estelina Lora da Silva (U. Porto; Material Sciences)
  • Francisco Martins (U. Açores; Informatics)
  • José Valente Oliveira (U. Algarve; Artificial Intelligence)
  • Leonor Cruzeiro (U. Algarve; Biophysics)
  • Margarida Moura (U. Algarve; Informatics, HPC)
  • Mauro Guerra (NOVA Univ. of Lisbon; Atomic Physics)
  • Mirian Tavares (U. Algarve; Communication & Culture)
  • Pedro Amaro (NOVA Univ. of Lisbon; Atomic Physics)
  • Pedro Ferré (U. Algarve; Literature)
  • Pedro Veiga (U. Aberta; Digital Media Arts)
  • Sandra Boto (NOVA Univ. of Lisbon; Literary Studies)
  • Helena Teixeira (U.Évora e U. Porto; Astronomy)