Research Center for the Sociology and Aesthetics of Music (CESEM)


The CESEM is a research unit dedicated to the study of music and its relations with other arts, culture and society, bringing the various existing sociological, aesthetics, historical, philological, compositional and interpretational approaches together and making use of the latest frames of reference and methodologies in Social and Human Sciences. The Research Center has its main office at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the Nova University of Lisbon, where researchers from the Universities of Évora and Aveiro and from the Polytechnic Institutes of Porto, Castelo Branco and Lisbon also work. Other centres are also open at ESEP/ESMAE-IPP (Porto), ESML-IPL (Lisbon) and UÉ (Évora). The CESEM core areas of study include history and cultural heritage, repertories and their sources, socio-communication models and reception thereof, cognitive and psycho-acoustic processes, and applied music technologies.  The Center comprises 5 research groups: Early Music Studies; Music in the Modern Period; Contemporary Music; Education and Human Development; Critical Theory and Communication.

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Phone +351 266 760 265
Address CESEM - Centro de Estudos de Sociologia e Estética Musical, Pólo Universidade de Évora, Colégio Mateus de Aranda | Rua do Raimundo, 98, 7000-801 Évora