Center for Language and Cultural Studies (CEL)


The objectives of CEL - Center for Language and Cultural Studies, among others, are to promote research in the area of Language, Linguistics, Literature and Culture with a view to the construction of the European Knowledge Area; conduct and support projects carried out along the research lines structured according to the R&D activities; promote scientific exchange with institutions and researchers in related fields; cultural development and modernisation of the Alentejo region.

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Ana Alexandra Silva (Assistant Professor) [Deputy]
Ana Clara Birrento (Assistant Professor) [Deputy]
Carla Ferreira de Castro (Assistant Professor)
Elisa Nunes Esteves (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Fernando Gomes (Assistant Professor) [Director]
Maria Cristina Firmino Santos (Assistant Professor)
Maria do Céu Brás da Fonseca (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Maria João Marçalo (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Odete Jubilado (Associate Professor)


Phone +351 266 759 350
Address Centro de Estudos em Letras, Palácio do Vimioso, Largo Marquês de Marialva, 8, , , 7000-809 Évora