Quality Policy

The increase in competitiveness imposes increasing standards of quality demands to all stakeholders. Quality must always be present in the performance of citizens and institutions, with Universities owning particular responsibility.

Aware of this responsibility, in 2006 the University of Évora created the pro-rectory of quality and innovation policy with the aim of promoting, monitoring and supporting quality improvement initiatives, with the responsibility of coordinating the assessment and accreditation processes courses, the promotion of quality and innovation, the dissemination of good practices, as well as the support for the processes of creating and adapting courses to the guidelines of the Bologna process.

In 2009, the University approved the Quality Promotion Program (PROQUAL), which defines a quality policy as a continuous process of evaluation moments of the institution, applied to the several units, courses and employees, in order to detect areas of intervention and ensure continuous improvement. Its action must involve all aspects of the University's mission, which includes teaching, research and the provision of services in the community and all activities of cultural and scientific dissemination, as well as the support for students, the social action and administration schemes.