Rectoral teams from the University of Évora and Extremadura met in Cáceres

The main aim of the meeting that brought together the rectoral teams of the University of Évora and the University of Extremadura was to strengthen the relations established in the scientific and academic fields.  The meeting took place on Wednesday 12 June at the Palacio de la Generala in Cáceres, where the rectoral teams expressed their interest in strengthening the institutional relations they have been developing for several years.


The meeting also served to strengthen collaboration in the area of institutional cyber security and the possibility of joint applications for international projects. In addition, in the area of University Extension, namely in the arts, it was confirmed that both universities have agreed to carry out joint musical activities.

The meeting was attended by the following people from the University of Évora: Rector, Hermínia Vasconcelos Vilar; Ana Telles, Vice-Rector for Culture and Community; Ana Paula Canavarro, Vice-Rector for Education and Pedagogical Innovation; Clarinda Pomar, Pro-Rector for Academic Management and Accreditation; Ana Fialho, Pro-Rector for Quality, Planning and Finance; José Calado, Pro-Rector for Outreach to Society; Vitor Nogueira, Pro-Rector for Digital Transformation and Open Science.

The University of Évora is one of the partners in the EU GREEN European Alliance led by the University of Extremadura.

Published in 13.06.2024