International Students: UÉ fills all vacancies in the 1st phase

The University of Évora (UÉ) has filled 100% of the vacancies in the 1st phase of the special admission contest for international students, in the Bachelor's Degree and Integrated Master's Degree courses.To date, the number of new foreign students in undergraduate and integrated master's degree courses to begin their academic training at UÉ in September has reached 365, increasing by three times the number of applicants this year.

It is exactly this percentage increase of around 300% compared to the candidates in the first phase in 2019 that Ana Costa Freitas, Rector of UÉ is keen to highlight, considering these results "the outcome of an institutional strategy consistently implemented in recent years, structured around its anchor areas and transversal to the pillars of higher education institutions: Teaching, Research and Knowledge Transfer, whose visibility is due to the clear bet on a solid communication strategy."

"They are indeed important results for us because they reflect a constant work with a visible effect not only with regard to undergraduate and Integrated Master's students, but also at the level of Advanced Training," says Ana Costa Freitas, adding that the number of candidates for Master's and Doctoral degrees has also increased, with some of them already having filled all the vacancies in the 1st phase, which translates into an increase of applications in the order of 56%. Overall and taking into account the three study cycles (Bachelor and Integrated Master, Master and PhD, there are about 1000 students already enrolled in 2021/22.

The second phase of applications for Master's and Doctoral degrees at the University of Évora is running until July 02, 2021, subject to remaining vacancies after placements and redistribution in previous phases.

Published in 13.05.2021