MY.UE the mobile app that puts all academic services and support for university life in the hands of students and teachers.

The University of Évora offers a mobile application - MY.UE. to its students and staff (teaching and non-teaching).



MY.UE is a platform that integrates the services dorm the University and uses the latest information technologies to allow the management and consultation of its contents in real time through mobile communication terminals - initially available for smartphones and tablets with IOS operating system (Apple) and Android.


From now on, through a simple mobile phone, students can receive notifications and consult various relevant contents for their academic life, from access to data on enrollments, schedules, course programs, evaluation process, classifications and other information on-campus initiatives. This platform also provides access to SIIUE and MOODLE services.


This app is equally available for teachers, who through MY.UE app can access the respective curricular units, communicate with the students of their curricular unit - in addition to the access of other informational features - the teaching support application was built on a set of educational tools on the Moofwd platform and is the result of a protocol signed between the University of Évora and Universia under the UNI> COM project.


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