SIIUE - UÉ Integrated Information System

Developed in 1999, SIIUE is currently a well-founded and solidly based platform that aggregates information on the most diverse strands of action at the University of Évora. It is an essential element in the connection between platforms and service management (Academic Management, Moodle, GesDoc, Performance Evaluation, E-mail, etc.) and an increasingly central "figure" in the daily lives of employees, teachers and students of the institution.


GesDoc - UÉ Document Management System

The Document Management and Workflow System of the University of Évora (GesDoc) was developed under an MCES program contract. In addition to responding directly to Order No. 174/2006, it generically aims to:

  1. the representation in electronic format of administrative and institutional information, namely, internal and external correspondence, internal and external legislation and publications through the creation of one (or several) digital file(s).
  2. the implementation of secure mechanisms for the electronic circulation of documents (such as delegation, for procedures, referrals, etc.), with full guarantee of data confidentiality supporting different levels of access to the application.

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The University of Évora provides all academy with the e-learning platform Moodle. This platform allows Teachers and Students to use different communication and learning tools.

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Academic Staff and Employees
Open Academic Staff and Employees webmail

Open students webmail

Digital Repository of Scientific Papers

The Digital Repository of Scientific Publications of the University of Évora aims to bring together the set of scientific publications from the University of Évora, guarantee the preservation of the institution's intellectual memory and contribute to the substantial increase in the visibility of researchers' work.

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B-On - Online Knowledge Library

B-On, the Online Knowledge Library, gathers several publishers of international scientific journals in order to offer a wide range of scientific articles available online.

Free access to B-On and the available articles is provided to all users who do so from IP addresses belonging to the participating institutions, in which the University of Évora is included. There is also, through its own configuration, the possibility of accessing B-On from outside the University network.

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