Summer School

Summer School

The UÉvora Summer School is a unique opportunity to acquire new knowledge and to explore the UÉvora campus and the city of Évora in a stimulating environment conducive to creativity and innovation. Students can also meet fellow students from across the country and the world. This is an inspiring opportunity for designing or redesigning the future.

A recipe for a unique experience at UÉ
Be inspired

Courses for everyone: university students from Portuguese higher education institutions, university students from international higher education institutions, secondary education students, professionals in various lines of business, researchers, and the general public.

“Bespoke courses” , where each student can enrol in one or more courses suited to their areas of interest and objectives.

A one-of-a-kind socio-cultural programme that includes talks with scientists, artists, UÉvora alumni, and an array of cultural activities taking place at the University and in the city.