Regularity and stability of ordered mesoporous materials containing aluminium and titanium

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Project title | Regularity and stability of ordered mesoporous materials containing aluminium and titanium
Project Code | pocti/ctm/45859/2002
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  • Universidade de Évora(líder)
  • Instituto Superior Técnico(parceiro)
  • Instituto Tecnológico Nuclear(parceiro)
  • Universidade da Madeira(parceiro)
  • Universidade de Aveiro(parceiro)

Approval date | 04-09-2003
Start date | 12-01-2004
Date of the conclusion | 11-01-2007

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European Union financial support |
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Apoio financeiro atribuído à Universidade de Évora | 42000 €


Amongst the most important features of ordered mesoporous metalosilicates for their use in catalysis are the extremely high surface area, which potentially allows an efficient dispersion of active sites, and the large pore diameters that favour the diffusion of bulky molecules. However, the introduction of the heteroatoms into OM silicas to make them catalytically active can lead to a decrease in the quality of the pore structure, the extent of which may depend on the preparation conditions. These may also determine the catalytic performance and the stability for which the available studies are scarce. This project involves the investigation of the effects of varying synthesis parameters on the regularity and uniformity, the stability (thermal, mechanical, hydrothermal and towards water vapour at RT) and the catalytic properties of MCM-41 and MCM-48 containing Al or Ti in order to resolve problems which are limitations for their potential applications in catalysis.

Goals, activities and expected/achieved results


  • To improve conventional synthesis methods and develop new procedures for obtaining alumino and titanosilicates with M41S type ordered mesoporous structure 
  • To evaluate and explain the effect of Al or Ti introduction into OMM on the uniformity and regularity of the pore structure, catalytic activity and stability 
  • To establish the best synthesis conditions to optimise the properties of the materials


  • Papers: 11 in international journals (of SCI) & 3 in Conference Proceedings
  • Presentations in Conferences: 18 international & 7 national
  • Theses: 1 PhD & 1 undergraduate final year project


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