Sythesis of orgametallic molecular and polymeric materials with nlo properties

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Project title | Sythesis of orgametallic molecular and polymeric materials with nlo properties
Project Code | PTDC/QUI/66148/2006
Main objective |

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Beneficiary entity |
  • Instituto Superior Técnico(líder)
  • Universidade de Évora(parceiro)

Approval date | 16-09-2008
Start date | 10-11-2008
Date of the conclusion | 08-05-2012

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European Union financial support |
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Apoio financeiro atribuído à Universidade de Évora | 20400 €


This project is aimed to continue the exploitation on the synthesis of new molecular organometallic materials and to initiate the very new field of synthesis of helical organometallic polymeric materials in view of their nonlinear optical properties (NLO). The new organometallic molecular materials will be prepared by coordination of ligands based on a broader of heteroaromatic rings with different spacer groups. The new organometallic polymeric materials will be prepared by the synthesis of helical systems based on the quiral tetrathia-[7]-helicene curve ligand. Computational calculations by DFT will be performed in model target molecules as guideline for the molecular design. All the compounds will be fully characterized by elemental analysis, current spectroscopic techniques, cyclic voltammetry and of X-ray diffraction. Analysis of all the experimental data will allow us to screen compounds for physical measurements of NLO properties.

Goals, activities and expected/achieved results


Design e síntese de novos materiais organometálicos com vista às propriedades de óptica não linear (NLO) com duas componentes:

i) abordagem baseada no estudo de sistemas moleculares em que o metal e o cromóforo se encontram no mesmo plano;

ii) exploração de compostos organometálicos poliméricos helicoidais



1-      Tese de Doutoramento (1)

2-      Artigos em revistas internacionais (3-4)

3-      Participação em congressos nacionais e internacionais (6-7)