University Volunteer Programme

University Volunteer Programme

The University Volunteer Programme gives students the opportunity to participate in different activities of educational, social or community interest that are part of non-profit project, programmes or other interventions to meet individual, group or academic needs.


To be included in the programme, you must register here . You will then be contacted to attend a selection and recruitment interview so you can be considered for the volunteer project, for which you must indicate your availability. You will be informed of how it articulates with and is managed by the structure/entity promoting the volunteering work.


welcome, inform, answer questions and help new UÉvora students during the in-person enrolment process. 

welcome, inform and help an international student during their inclusion and adjustment process, both on campus and around the city of Évora, answering any questions they may have on legal and logistics matters, and sharing knowledge and experiences.

Compile information; complete the list of macrofungi species in Mainland Portugal; identify areas of mycological interest and their importance for conservation.

taking part in field sampling activities; conduct mycological inventories

Morphological characterisation of tubers and building up knowledge on the distribution and ecology of tubers in Mainland Portugal. 

Integrate the support office and collaborate with computer technicians in supporting users (students and teachers).

Support the fieldwork of two research studies in the social area.

Narrative reading activity at the Pediatric Services of HESE, in order to provide boys who are hospitalized or undergoing treatment, a moment of fantasy, imagination, information and knowledge.

Provide guided tours to the civil and tourist community that visits the Sala de Bellas Artes of the General Library of UÉvora.

Arrange conferences and commemorative events, encourage the submission of ideas and alumni projects, and create audiovisual content.


Help users and patients of the Espírito Santo Hospital (HESE), by fulfilling your duty of citizenship and, at the same time, promoting the humanisation of care received by users and patients. 


Participate in popular education activities at the seven centres run by the Túlio Espanca Popular University

Promote the dissemination and dissemination of the results of CICS.NOVA.UÉ's activities and research.

Participation in Food Collection Campaigns on commercial surfaces.


  • Academic Association of the University of Évora
  • Évora City Council
  • Volunteer Bank - Eugénio de Almeida Foundation
  • Portuguese Food bank Against Hunger
  • Metalentejo
  • Santander Universities