Effect of pasture on the nutrition of free ranging Alentejano pigs

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Project title | Effect of pasture on the nutrition of free ranging Alentejano pigs
Project Code | POCI/CVT/60411/2004
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  • Universidade de Évora(líder)
  • Universidade Técnica de Lisboa - Instituto Superior de Agronomia(parceiro)

Approval date | 22-12-2004
Start date | 01-07-2005
Date of the conclusion | 01-07-2008

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On the traditional silvo-pastoral system of Alentejano pigs (Montanheira), acorns are a fundamental source of energy for the fattening period and are complemented with the protein from the available pasture, under the oak canopy. Montanheira lasts from October to February, while there are acorns available. Although the chemical composition of these feeds (acorns and pasture) is well documented, their is a lack of knowledge about their intake and digestibility. It is well known that, in years of dry Autumns, and therefore pasture scarcity, the animals will not grow and toxicity symptoms may occur due to the tannin content of acorns. However, the relevance of the pasture as a source of nutrients and/or a detoxification factor of the tannins from acorns, is not quantified. A better knowledge of the role of pasture in the nutritional status of the animal and intake, digestibility and diet composition will allow a more rational utilisation of the natural resources.

Objectives, activities and expected/achieved results


Determinação da ingestão de pastagem e bolota de porcos Alentejanos em montanheira.

Estudar o papel da pastagem na destoxificação dos taninos da bolota e no fornecimento de proteína aos animais.

Estudar o efeito da inestão de pastagem e da digestibilidade da dieta na taxa de crescimento e no rendimento e composição da carcaça de porcos em montanheira.


Melhoria das condições de produção do sistema de montanheira.