Early-life exposure to MYCOtoxins and its impact on health

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Acronym | earlyMYCO
Project title | Early-life exposure to MYCOtoxins and its impact on health
Project Code | PTDC/MED-TOX/28762/2017
Main objective |

Region of intervention |

Beneficiary entity |
  • Instituto Nacional de Saúde Dr. Ricardo Jorge, IP(líder)
  • Administração Regional de Saúde de Lisboa e Vale do Tejo(parceiro)
  • Fundação D. Anna de Sommer Champalimaud e Dr. Carlos Montez Champalimaud(parceiro)
  • Universidade de Évora(parceiro)
  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa(parceiro)

Approval date | 23-03-2018
Start date | 01-10-2018
Date of the conclusion | 30-09-2021

Total eligible cost | 239985 €
European Union financial support |
National/regional public financial support | República Portuguesa - 239985 €


Exposure to hazardous chemicals during first 1000 days of life has been linked to an
increased risk of a number of health disorders. Early-life exposure to chemicals is an
emerging research field that needs urgently to be clarified, as a contribution to the
exposome research. Food chemical contaminants as mycotoxins are well known
carcinogenic, nephrotoxic, hepatotoxic and immunosuppressive compounds. Intestinal
mucosa is the first biological barrier encountered by ingested mycotoxins and potential
consequences of an early-life exposure to these compounds is poorly documented. This
project hypothesizes that early-life exposure to mycotoxins could impact children´s and
future adult health. earlyMYCO proposes to answer key questions: are pregnant women
and infants until six months exposed to mycotoxins? Is this exposure a health threat?
Does this early-life exposure influence the intestinal immune system development?
Which is the burden derived from the exposure to mycotoxins?