Campeonato Nacional de jogos Matemáticos 2007 - Évora

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Project title |
Project Code | 2006-143/115
Main objective |

Region of intervention |

Beneficiary entity | Universidade de Évora(líder)

Approval date | 01-09-2006
Start date | 01-10-2006
Date of the conclusion | 31-08-2007

Total eligible cost |
European Union financial support |
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The games have been a source of pleasure, interest and fascination since long-time, across all cultures and people. The interest about the game cross all ages and is one topic in which the interest of amateur and professional, ordinary citizens and eminent mathematicians are easily combined. Apart from entertainment, the games have a great potential in terms of culture and education.

The project was prepared to carry out the third final of the National Championship of Mathematical Games, which involved more than 700 young people from basic education to secondary education. This championship has 6 games: Points and Squares, Traffic Light, Ouri, Hex, Amazonas and Go.

Objectives, activities and expected/achieved results

Contribuir para despertar o gosto pela Matemática e uma melhor compreensão da sua natureza; Estimular o interesse e a confiança na Matemática dos alunos de todos os níveis de ensino em Portugal; Desenvolver conhecimentos, aprendizagens e destrezas que se constroem quando se joga.