LISMOT - Storng ground motion in the lower tagus valley

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Project title | LISMOT - Storng ground motion in the lower tagus valley
Project Code | PTDC/CTE-GIN/82704/2006
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  • Universidade de Évora(líder)
  • INETI - Instituto Nacional de Engenharia,Tecnologia,Inovaçao(parceiro)

Approval date | 08-08-2007
Start date | 01-01-2008
Date of the conclusion | 01-01-2011

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The LTCB is a complex tectonic depression where up to 2000 m of Cenozoic sediments have been preserved. Throughout its history this area has been struck by several earthquakes which produced important material damage and loss of lives (1344, 1531. 1755, 1969 and 1909 earthquakes), with estimated magnitudes ranging from 6 to 7. These earthquakes have caused severe damage and casualties in the area. Since this region is the most highly populated seismic region in Portugal, it is expected that an earthquake of similar magnitude to others that have occurred in the past will cause an enormous destruction and casualties. To contribute to an improved assessment of the seismic hazard in the Lower Tagus Basin we propose the introduction of methods on the prediction of ground motion produced by moderate to large earthquakes in this area. The method employed to estimate the seismic ground motion is based on a combination between deterministic and stochastic methods.

Objectives, activities and expected/achieved results


Avaliar o risco sísmico na região do Vale Inferior do Tejo através da caracterização dos movimentos sísmicos intensos provocados por fontes sísmicas localizadas na região em estudo


- Modelação gravimétrica e geoeléctrica

- Interpretação de perfis sísmicos da industria do petróleo

- Realização de perfis de sísmica alta resolução