PRAXIS - Centre for Philosophy, Politics and Culture

FCT Assessment

The core aim of PRAXIS - Center for Philosophy, Politics and Culture is to conduct research in practical philosophy, that is, the aspects of human existence that manifest forms of life and behaviour, which, since the Greek origin of philosophy, are dealt with in ethics, psychology, politics and, in general, in culture. At the Évora center, PRAXIS uses mainly, but not exclusively, a phenomenological approach to the philosophical works of the phenomenological movement, in terms of the application of its methodical principles to works on current relevant themes, not only philosophical but also psychological and psychoanalytical. Research covers the following themes: (1) philosophy of existence issues, from a theory viewpoint and clinical application, in its various dimensions; (2) contemporary culture critique issues, especially in its technological dimension; (3) gender and recognition issues, in a hermeneutic approach.


Célia M. Rocha Oliveira (Senior Official)