Marketing and Tourism

Name: Marketing and Tourism
Code: GES13850L
Duration: 15 weeks/156 hours
Scientific Area: Management

Teaching languages: Portuguese
Languages of tutoring support: Portuguese, English
Regime de Frequência: Presencial



Sustainable Development Goals

Learning Goals

By the end of the module students should:
- Be familiar with the core concepts and techniques in tourism marketing;
- Be aware of the specificities for marketing tourism products
- Be able to understand and analyse consumption and buying behaviour in tourism markets;
- Be able to analyse tourism marketing strategies;
- Understand the connection between the issues studied in the module


1. Introduction
Marketing and tourism
The role of marketing in the organizations strategic planning
The specific characteristics of tourism marketing
2. Marketing Strategy
The marketing environment
Objectives and key strategic options
The marketing mix
3. The Market Analysis
The marketing information system
Services marketing research
4. Consumer Behaviour
A model of consumer behaviour
The behaviour of consumers of services
Service perceptions and customer satisfaction
5. Segmentation, Positioning and Brand
Branding services
6. Marketing-Mix
The development and management of tourism products
Building relationships of loyalty with customers
The distribution of tourism products
Price decisions in tourism products
Communicating tourism products

Teaching Methods

- Lectures: aiming at the connection between theoretical and practical knowledge; In these lectures student involvement will be sought, through the promotion of dialog, discussion of ideas and opinions, in order to promote students ability for reasoning, abstraction and oral exposition;
- Analysis and discussion of case studies;
- E-learning through the Moodle platform;
In continuous evaluation regime
- Group Essay: case studies (30%)
- Written in-class exam (70%)
In exam regime
- Written in-class exam (100%)
Students will pass the course with an overall grade equal to or greater than 10 values, as long as they do not have a grade lower than 7 values ​​in any of the assessments.
Attendance at classes is mandatory. To pass the course, students must attend at least 75% of classes.