Conferência | The need of multidimensionality in liquid chromatography for natural product research
  CONFERÊNCIA:   The need of multidimensionality in liquid chromatography for natural product research    Prof. Pat Sandra (R.I.C - Research Institute for Chromatography, Belgium)  

Short Bio

Pat Sandra is known for his expansive knowledge across a wide spectrum of analytical techniques, blending the world of academia and private enterprise, and bringing separation science into the mainstream consciousness. He has combined analytical excellence, innovation, and a unique gift for problem solving into a career which has lasted almost 50 years. Pat has written hundreds of publications in peer-reviewed journals and is a well-known speaker at prestigious events around the world. He started his own chromatography group, the RIC group in Kortrijk, Belgium, that focuses on separation science and mass spectrometry. As a long-time professor at the Ghent University, from which he recently retired, he has supported many scholarships and international cooperations with numerous universities and companies. Pat was also the driving force behind the popular symposium on capillary separation techniques that is organized biannually in Riva del Garda, Italy.


The Research Institute for Chromatography (R.I.C.) was founded in 1986 by Pat Sandra and has been involved in the development and promotion of chromatographic and mass spectrometric knowledge and know-how from the very start. R.I.C.´s mission is to transfer chromatographic and mass spectrometric knowledge and know-how. 


Ever since its foundation, the research activities and the method development projects have been situated in a broad range of application areas, such as such as (bio)chemistry, biotechnology, petro-chemistry, clinical chemistry, food, flavors and natural products, polymer sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, toxicology, environmental chemistry and life sciences. Parallel with these services, R.I.C. is offering total analytical solutions and is involved in instrumental innovations as such and in collaboration with manufacturers.

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