Health and Wellness Tourism

Name: Health and Wellness Tourism
Code: SOC13875L
Duration: 15 weeks/78 hours
Scientific Area: Tourism

Teaching languages: Portuguese
Languages of tutoring support: Portuguese
Regime de Frequência: Presencial



Sustainable Development Goals

Learning Goals

1. Analyse the antecedents of Health and Wellness Tourism;
2. Understand the evolutionary framework of the concept of health and well-being and its association with tourist practice;
3. Interpret the evolutionary process of the use and meaning of the body in contemporary societies and establish its relationship with the health and medicalized tourism segment;
4. Know the motivations / meanings of consumption in the different segments of Health and Wellness Tourism in their relationship with other tourism products;
5. Understand the role of Health and Wellness Tourism in the sustainable tourism development of the territories, in a complementary logic.


1. The precursor practices of Health and Wellness Tourism: from thermalism to sea bathing
2. Health and well-being tourism (s): concept and expansion of demand
2.1. The concept of health and the concept of wellness, evolution and complementarity
2.2. Health Tourism: medicalized and non-medicalized - the fundamental aspects of demand and supply
3. Health and Wellness Tourism vs Water Tourism: the role of water in health and well-being
4. Health and Wellness Tourism: future perspectives
5. The role of Health and Wellness Tourism in the sustainable tourism development of the territories

Teaching Methods

Teaching methodology:
• Expository method, using audiovisual media and indication of general and specific bibliography.
• Active method in theoretical-practical classes organized around the collective discussion about texts or other working materials; reading, presentation and critical discussion of selected texts around authors, perspectives and cases of empirical application; presentation and discussion of exercises developed by students.
• Interrogative method to encourage active participation by students.
• Study visit to a health and wellness tourism unit / project (technical visit).
• On the Moodle platform, pedagogical content, supporting bibliographic references and study guidance sheets are available.
• Written evaluation test: 60% (minimum score of 8 points);
• Practical group work (case study): 40% (60% written work + 40% presentation) (minimum grade 8 points).

Teaching Staff