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Preschool Education

Master Degree

Ano Letivo 2023/2024

Course Overview

The Master's Degree in Pre-School Education provides professional qualification for teaching in Pre-School Education, as a complement to the Degree in Basic Education. It is oriented towards the training of Early Childhood Educators with proven scientific and praxeological skills, with the ability to intervene in the ecology of childhood, especially in the education of children from 0 to 6 years old, and with a preparation that provides an investigative attitude, contributing to innovation in the field of pedagogical knowledge and educational practice in this age group. The Master's Degree seeks to promote the development of teaching performance competences contained in the General Performance Profile for Childhood Educators and Primary and Secondary School Teachers (DL 240/2001) and in the Specific Profile for Professional Performance of Childhood Educators (DL 241/2001), as well as to motivate solid educational training, with recourse to contributions from various areas of knowledge that will enable them to constantly question the challenges of a changing society and the role of the childcare worker. The UÉ offers students a rich scientific, cultural and professional environment supported by partnerships with quality early childhood education institutions.
Organic Unit: School of Social Sciences
Duration: 3 Semesters/90 ECTS credits (75 required and 15 optional in curricular units)
Language: Portuguese
Regime: Day classes

Career Prospects

Pre-school teacher (can work on public or private day cares or pre-schools, municipalities, after-schools' activities, hospitals, museums, libraries, toy libraries, child care centers, chilminding services).

Specific Entry Requirements

In order to apply to this Master, you must hold a degree in Basic Education. It is a general condition of entry the oral and written domain of the Portuguese language (cf. Article 10 of Decree-Law 43/2007 of February 22nd). This condition will be certified by the combination of a written test of Portuguese language with an interview. In both the candidate must obtain approval. The written test and the interviewing are compulsory for all, irrespective of their previous training or their professional situation. The application can also be made by submitting a certificate of approval issued by another higher education institution in which the candidate has provided evidence for this same purpose, considering the conditions set forth in Decree-Law 79/2014 of May 14. This written test and interview will take place on March, 29th (1st phase), July, 5th (2nd phase), September, 8th (3rd phase), in a place and time to be announced.

Access Routes and Applications

Tuition Fees

Annual Tuition Fees

International Students
2500.00 €

Course Committee

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Contact Information

Director: Clarinda de Jesus Banha Pomar []

Academic Manager: Vitória dos Anjos Bonito Guiomar
Academic Services (online): SAC.ONLINE