Interdisciplinary Management of Landscape

Doctoral Degree

Course Overview

The purpose of the proposed study cycle is to develop methodologies and capabilities to scientifically support the design and evaluation of public policies and management tools that can contribute to meeting the growing demands of society on multiple goods and services (recreation, biodiversity, water, carbon sequestration, bioenergies, etc.) from land use and occupation. Trade offs and complementarities between these goods and services require interdisciplinary developments integrating a variety of scientific fields, such as ecology, agronomy, economics, sociology, geography, political science and ethics. There are already fields of interdisciplinary research of this type in approaches such as landscape ecology, conservation biology, ecological economics and regional science, but more work is needed to integrate the various approaches in order to progress in terms of conceptual and solutions to implement.

Course in Association/Partner Institutions:
  • Universidade dos Açores
  • Universidade de Lisboa - Instituto Superior de Agronomia
Organic Unit: Institute of Research and Advanced Training
Duration: 6 Semesters/180 ECTS credits (12 required and 18 optional in curricular units)
Language: Portuguese
Regime: Day classes

Career Prospects

With the conclusion of the study cycle in Interdisciplinary Landscape Management, students will be able to develop methodologies that integrate disciplinary paradigms whose object of analysis is Man and the Environment. In particular, it is intended that students are able to learn, adapt and create methodologies to: evaluate goods and services supported by the landscape, design and evaluate policies for land use; propose and substantiate decision support instruments; understand social practices and perceptions, and the social construction of land use; develop spatial models that integrate the environment, technology, economics and regulation.

Specific Entry Requirements

Grau de licenciatura pré-Bolonha ou grau de Mestrado pós-Bolonha, em domínio científico afim às áreas do doutoramento

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Director: Teresa Pinto Correia []

Academic Manager: Maria João Doutor Zorro
Academic Services (online): SAC.ONLINE