Research Methods and Data Analysis in Health Sciences

Name: Research Methods and Data Analysis in Health Sciences
Code: DES10221M
Duration: 15 weeks/234 hours
Scientific Area: Human Kinetics

Teaching languages: Portuguese, English
Languages of tutoring support: Portuguese, English, Spanish
Regime de Frequência: Presencial

Sustainable Development Goals

Learning Goals

It is intended that students acquire knowledge about the different types of research in the biomedical and physical activity sciences. Provide students with skills to design and carry out research, through data collection, statistical analysis, and interpretation of results for the preparation of the discussion and main conclusions. Another objective is to teach students to prepare papers or other scientific documents as are monographs.


Major issues associated with scientific research:
Qualitative and quantitative studies.
Principles of scientific method:
Inductive methodology
Deductive methodology
Experimental methodology
Populations and samples
Data statistical analysis and results interpretation.
Scientific papers conception.

Teaching Methods

The unit is organized in T, tutorials and P classes in accordance with regul. of the University of Évora. Lectures are plenary and based on the scientific method, emphasizing the search for information, the interpretation of experimental results and a critical and scientific rigor in students.

The P classes deals with the methods and experimental procedures and seek to promote the ability to solve problems. P will be harnessed for practical application of different tests and batteries in a real situation. In laboratory classes, students must participate actively in the preparation and execution of works, in group analysis/discussion of the results of the activities carried out, and in the elaboration of individual reports.

The assess. includes acad. activities in classes and the search and presentation by the students of relevant scientific articles and their discussion with the teacher. Eval. includes some type of modalities: research work, frequency, and exam.

Teaching Staff