Project: Using network theory to predict risk of invasion (PTDC/AAG-GLO/0463/2014)   financed by FCT and co-financed by the FEDER, under the Operational Program Competivity and Internationalization (POCI)






Profile - PhD in Biology, Ecology, or related fields. Solid background in dispersal or network ecology with proven experience with environmental modelling, numerical analysis of ecological data, and /or macroecology. Good programming skills, particularly in the R/Python environment, are a must.


Language: English as a first or second language is required.


Publication record: Candidates are expected to have a good publication record in internationally refereed journals.


Working Plan: The successful candidate will integrate a large cohort of researchers working on invasion biology of birds globally, and will endeavour to model risk of bird invasion using information on networks of bird trade, as well as environmental and socio-economic predictors.


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